Owners of Promesing Image

Maria Promes, Kenzie Liechti, Brittany Schultes, and Lauren Promes

Promesing Image Salon & Spa aims to make each and every client that leaves here feel beautiful in every possible way, while being able to come into a relaxing and upscale environment, whether it be for an hour, or the whole day. Small town Carroll deserved a high-end salon, with that big city feel, and we knew we had the skills to bring it just that. Our story of how it started is pretty simple. We knew we all wanted to work together in order to achieve this goal. To have one daughter follow in their parent’s footsteps isn’t that uncommon, but for three out of the four daughters to follow in their mother’s footsteps into the cosmetology world and open a high-end salon all together, that’s special. After debating for a while on how to make this dream come true, we decided to open Promesing Image Salon & Spa in 2013. Building up our team alongside working next to family has been the experience of a lifetime. Before we knew it, clients were telling their friends, who were telling their friends, about their experience here. Within four years, our salon grew beyond our expectations. With the third daughter entering cosmetology school, our salon needed a facelift, and that’s just what our remodel did in 2017. In just over a year and a half, our salon transformed into something beyond imaginable. Now with a luxurious spa area, makeup bar, four adult and two children pedicure thrones, and more and more hair stations and nail tables, we accommodate to even the biggest groups or bridal parties. But we’re not done yet! Growing not only our salon, but our staff with skilled professionals, has made us a great and talented team. Come down and check out what we’re all about!